Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mesmerizing FIY (Find it yourself) Tips on Gardening

 Landscape contractors and designers take a heavy toll in designing. Designing with formulated blueprints and rough sketches are our hallmark.  We design with a simple formula---KISS (Keep it short and simple). 

Building landscape designs is not the only criteria at Unique, but we also provide valuable tips for garden lovers.

Wanna burn out a few calories for a memorable gardening?  Gardening in Unique garden can advise. Gardening may sound a bit too simple, yet its efforts are quite laborious. 

A few benefits from gardening are as listed under:
·         Gardening burns out excess fat.  Techniques such as digging and shovelling can cause the body to shrink. A quick half an hour activity on mowing and weeding can keep your body fit and shape.

·         Gardening tones you up.  This method could remind you of a gym. Wielding the hoe and trimming the edges are alternatives to gym classes.

·         Gardening can protect your heart. Believe it or not. Activities such as this can raise your 
heartbeat by the continuous expansion of heart muscles.

·         Relieves you of strenuous stress. Working outdoors can bring sunshine and freshness of mind.
·         Stimulates the dying, senses.
·         Builds up in confidence. Boosts your self-esteem by blooming of flowers and plants.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Landscaping Design: Admirable Tips for Beginners

Are you in for creating a beautiful courtyard? Here are some must know landscape design tips for the perfect garden.

Landscaping designing could well be a tough choice. Yet the fruits of that are relished by all. Though the designing part may seem simple, some guiding principles are helpful.

Tip 1
Listing out your needs and wants.  Do your kids have enough space? Are you growing vegetables or fruits? Does your family live on patio? Do some rough sketches/ scribble through the design in mind.  This places everything in order.

Tip 2
Study the sun and wind flow. Placing the house westward may seem to be hot or shady. Patios may add to the effect. And the wind blowing or whistling past the fire pit are common areas of errors. Knowing where the sunshade is and where wind whistles past is necessary.

Tip 3

Don’t land to quick solutions. Think again and think again for the perfect patio. Chairs and swings are perfect seating elements. So have a rough idea and perform a rough placing.

Tip 4
Enjoy the mastering of courtyard design. Start with small an end up big. Never get bogged down by the landscaping design principles. But act smart.

Tip 5
Focus is necessary. So work on the focal point. A beautiful landscape design may have a fixed or variant focal point to attract. Draw the attention by the focal point.

Tip 6
Try out variations in color, size and shapes. Focus on scale and pacing’s.  Repetition may seem boring, so try out the tricks of scaling.

Tip 7
Be Open to change.
Remember: Patience is the key to landscape design for all beginners.

Monday, 25 July 2016


Hard Landscaping

People are quite fussy about their courtyards. So they tend to think about the beautifying their outdoor yards. And rightly said modern landscape designs carve in.  Modern landscape is known for its sleek, slender and streamlined designs.

Gardens with only plants and shrubs may seem quite dull and boring.  Creating a pleasant and soothing feel, landscapearchitecture design ideas are the elements of sketching incredible designs.  Emphasizing the requisites for landscaping, sharp and precise structures form the outline. Green plants add shape and texture to the gardens.

Guiding Principles of Landscape architecture design ideas

Though the landscape architecture design ideas may not be the principles needed, yet the designers may need.  The vertical edge of a space is at least one third length of the horizontal space. This thumb rule may not be followed quite strictly. But it may be required as a reference.

Soft Landscaping
No matter whatever the size may be modulate a feeling of enclosure and open-ness. Generate an imaginary line that helps connect and organize the design.  Get the proportions right.  These proportions are used to lay out terraces, patios, arbors, and lawns.

The design is twice the height of the riser plus the thread should equal to 26 inches. Size matters. Go big with curate designs.  Plants planted seem big, yet small.  Adding power to a quantity of one plant is the tip.

Turning the swimming pools and other beautifying tricks to outdoor of courtyards and kitchens is a dream.  At Unique garden decor, we provide offshore ideas to my courtyards.  Remodelling your courtyard with intricate designs for your dream is our prime focus.

Hard Landscaping
From paving to pergolas, fountains to fencing, hard landscape features are what gives the landscape form and structure on which the softer elements can perform.
Hard Landscaping
Typical projects includes in Hard landscaping Service:-
  • Paved Areas
  • Bound Aggregate Paths
  • Timber, Concrete or Brick Edging
  • Rock & Stone Features and Sculpture
  • Pergolas & Shelters
  • Ponds & Water Features
  • Sand Pits & Jump Pits
  • Play Equipment
  • Bollards, Barriers & Entry Control
  • Car Parks & Playgrounds
Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping

 Softening the landscape is the job of plants, from turf to towering trees from minimal planting schemes consisting of a single specimen to massed planting in vast swathes of colour, the options are boundless.
Typical projects include in Soft Landscaping Services :-
  • Tree Planting
  • Turf Establishment
  • Native Planting Screening
  • Shrub planting
  • Annual bedding displays
  • Green walls
  • Wildflower Meadows
Gazebo Pictures

Gazebos offer a great spot to relax, entertain company or even create a focal point in the backyard. There are several styles and sizes available, and many opportunities to customize a gazebo to your specific needs. Pop-up gazebos are also available if you still want the luxury of a roof over your head while outside without committing to a permanent installation.

Pebble Garden
Gardens can contain flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables, and decorative elements. Using pebbles in a garden brings different colors and textures to the garden. Pebbles can also fill up otherwise empty space in the garden, leaving a visual that might be considered more interesting and aesthetic than simple dirt, soil or mulch. 
Pebble  Garden
Pebbles in the garden can serve other purposes, such as creating a decorative border or a landscaped path, providing a pretty ground and soil cover, and providing dry garden beds. Pebble a garden with a mix of pebbles and minerals that complement the vegetation in the yard.

Water Body
An artificial waterfall is a water feature or fountain which imitates a natural waterfall. Artificial waterfalls installed inside of buildings can be small or quite large. Some of the benefits of indoor waterfalls are considered to be their production of white noise, humidity, negative ions, as well as naturally peaceful feelings engendered among onlookers.  
Water Body/Swimming Pool
In landscape architecture and garden design, a water feature is one or more items from a fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams.
A water feature may be indoor or outdoor and can be any size, from a desk top water fountain to a large indoor waterfall that covers an entire wall in a large commercial building, and can be made from any number of materials, including stone, granite, stainless steel, resin, and glass. Most water features are electronically controlled.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Designs & Pictures: Landscape Ideas

Unique Garden Decor is an inspired landscaping Designer in Thrissur. Unique Garden Decor in thrissur cultures inspiring ideas for a remarkable feel. 

At Unique garden, we help you browse on thousands of unbelievable landscapes designs. No fussy or cluttered designs. Unique Garden Decor, a mark in itself is a designing weaver.

Presenting a top class design with garnished ideas for dazzling styles.  Located in the outskirts of Thrissur, we have expertise in the below mentioned styles:

v  Hard landscaping
v  Soft Landscaping
v  Gazebo
v  Pebble Gardens
v  Water Bodies
v  Bonsai Plants
v  Chines Plants

Hard landscaping a new stylish mode in pavements, Bounded Aggregate paths, Timber, Concrete or Brick edging, Rock , stone and Sculpture, and many more.  A glimpse on our works below could give us an overview of genuine idea of landscapes.

All landscape designs with perfected notions beautified are a charming tales for all. Visit our website : for gaining an insight into the designs. Email us for an instant design at  Or call us on +91 974 467 2383.